If someone had told me ten years ago that someday I would be making a modest living as a Catholic novelist, I would have told them that they were confusing reality with fiction. At the time, I was the mother of a newborn baby boy and four older sons, trying to balance mothering, homeschooling, housework and parish volunteer activities. Days never seemed long enough and nights were always too short.

A few years later, an experience in front of the Blessed Sacrament – coupled with my husband’s encouragement – prompted me to sit down and write a novel. It was challenging to find time for creative writing, so I took opportunities while children were napping during the day or sleeping at night. Five long years later, our small company published Emily’s Hope (www.fullquiverpublishing.com) which is based on the true stories of both myself and my great-grandmother. My second novel, In Name Only, a Catholic historical novel, was published this past June. I wrote both books to promote and to share the Church’s beautiful teachings on sex and marriage.

Originally born in Southern New Jersey, USA, I now live in Ontario, Canada in a rural setting about seven miles from the nearest town and about 40 miles from Ottawa, the nation’s capital. It is not unusual to see deer, fox, fishers, wild turkeys, wolves, turtles and the occasional bear. (My fourth son’s first word was “deer.”) The bedrock our house is built on is a plethora of fossils, a science lesson in itself, and the farm and forest that surround our property are quite different than the busy towns of South Jersey.

The rural life is also ideal for writing. A simple, quiet walk in the country is all it takes for great ideas to be born.

Copyright 2009 Ellen Gable Hrkach

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Ellen,
    I love your story on how you got started writing! It sounds like you live in the perfect environment to get the creative juices flowing. I write poetry and song lyrics but could never tackle a novel, although I did try to tackle a thriller and it’s still sitting in the developmental stage…LOL I love your first book and look forward to starting on your second novel…due to some disabilities from the excision of a brain tumor, ten years ago, it takes me a long time to read, so I may not be commenting on your second book very soon. Take care and keep those creative juices flowing!!! Thanks for your inspiration and books….Congrats on achieving what you set out to do!

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