Two great reviews for In Name Only

Within the space of 24 hours, my second novel, In Name Only, has received two wonderful and positive reviews.

“… a very enjoyable read, neither predictable nor formulaic. The ending is both uplifting and realistic.”
Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller, Divine Gift of Motherhood

“Gable has skillfully crafted this intriguing novel, introducing many turns and twists in the plot, which will keep her reader’s eyes glued to the page, eager to learn the outcome of her tale. As the reader proceeds, he/she discovers the true depth of the novel – which conveys the beautiful Catholic teachings on conjugal love, and shares both a pro-life story and a conversion story.”
Jean Heimann, Catholic Fire


One thought on “Two great reviews for In Name Only

  1. Glad to see things are going well with the new book. I’m going to put it on my Christmas wish list. I enjoyed Emily’s Hope so much that I know this one will be excellent as well.

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