Seven Little Souls In Heaven

My first published article was a story entitled “Five Little Souls in Heaven,” which appeared in the “Nazareth Journal” in May of 1995. It was the story of my journey through the difficulties and challenges of being open to life and discovering that it didn’t always mean having a baby in my arms. Since that article was written, James and I have welcomed two more sons into our family, but we have also experienced two more pregnancy losses.

The joys and challenges of raising five sons have been well worth the uncertainty, heartache and grief we’ve experienced through the years. All of our children, those who were born and those whose lives ended before birth, were prayed for and loved, right from the moment of conception.

Since it is our job as parents to help guide our children to heaven, it is an immense comfort to know that these seven unique and irreplaceable souls now wait for me there. Although I would have preferred to have them in my arms, I can think of no better way than to be greeted in paradise by Jesus surrounded by these seven precious souls who were conceived in love.

Copyright 2009 Ellen Gable Hrkach

5 thoughts on “Seven Little Souls In Heaven

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