St. Nicholas Day…one day late

I had planned to post this yesterday, but with one of my boys ill with a stomach virus, mothering took precedence over writing.

There’s a great post about St. Nicholas at this link on Catholic Fire.

In our household, the feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated by filling our sons’ boots with candy and small toys. For obvious reasons, and since our older sons are adults and/or away from home much of the time, the youngest two boys have kept this tradition alive by their enthusiasm for this feast. Despite one being sick, we were not disappointed.

How does your family celebrate St. Nicholas Day? Feel free to comment and share your ideas.

6 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Day…one day late

  1. Our family has also had the tradition of filling up the children’s boots or stockings with candies and small toys on St. Nicholas day. As my three oldest girls got older we put in things like a new hairbrush or even a pair of socks along with the candy. This year I was debating not filling up my seventeen year old’s stocking but she seemed to be very happy that I did. My oldest is away at college and she did ask about it!! We ask St. Nick to pray for us and we have a children’s video about St. Nick(St. Nicholas, The Boy who became Santa Claus). The adults often have a special treat on that day too (some German chocolate perhaps?).

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