Review for The Handbook for Catholic Moms by Lisa Hendey

The Handbook for Catholic Moms, Nurturing the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul is the name of Lisa Hendey’s wonderful new book. Traditionally, and innately, mothers are nurturers, often forgetting about themselves. The author has done a great service by writing a book which can help Catholic moms in taking better care of their own needs.

In the preface, Lisa Hendey (well-known creator of writes, “I am vitally interested in looking daily at my own private journey toward being a better person. The journey is multifaceted, so it’s necessary to work, a bit at a time, on each of those facets. Focusing on any one of them uniquely and ignoring the others throws off the balance necessary to keep life’s wheels rolling along smoothly.”

A mother who is emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually well is a better mother and a better person. With that in mind and in order to assist other moms, Lisa has divided “The Handbook for Catholic Moms” into four relevant and important sections: “Heart” “Mind” “Body” and “Soul.” Each chapter begins with “My Story,” as we journey with Lisa through the milestones in her life, from her childhood to the meeting of her husband to their wedding. These stories also recount her time as a career woman, to becoming a mother and deciding to be a stay-at-home mom, to her challenging battle with non-invasive breast cancer. I was touched by and related very much to these poignant and inspiring stories shared by Lisa and by the numerous other contributors to her book.

I found the writing engaging and easy to read and I was delighted with and inspired by the beautiful and relevant quotes from Scripture, Popes, Saints and others.

Not only is this a wonderfully inspiring book, it is also an informative, helpful reference manual for all mothers. At the end of each chapter are two useful lists: “Mom’s Homework” and “Web Resources” regarding that particular topic.

The author did an excellent job gathering together into one book all the helpful information a Catholic Mom would need. This is an ideal gift for new Catholic moms (and a most appropriate bridal shower gift) as well as a great resource for experienced moms.

I myself intend to buy a few copies to have on hand to give to all the new Catholic moms in my life!

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copyright 2010 Ellen Gable Hrkach
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