Pet Peeves and Proofreaders

And alliteration. Just kidding.

As a freelance writer, novelist and transcriber, the job description entails being proficient in spelling.

A good spell check can assist any poor speller, but I can pick out a spelling error or typo from a mile away. One of my biggest pet peeves is to see a spelling mistake on a huge sign or headline of a newspaper. It especially irks me to see a typo or spelling mistake in one of my novels.

Proofreading is an art in itself and requires a keen eye and I have often been employed to proofread other writers’ works. But I do not have a keen eye when reading my own writing. There are over 130,000 words in my second book, In Name Only, so I hired six individual proofreaders to find the bulk of the typos. What was especially interesting is that each one of them found different typos.

Copyright 2010 Ellen Gable Hrkach


2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves and Proofreaders

  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog Ellen. I too find it amazing how many typos there are to be found, even in bestselling books on the market now. It happens. I had to let go of my obsession of finding typos when writing from the heart as I did in my own book about the tragic death of my son. As you say thank God for editors and proofreaders! I had my own work read by 4 proofreaders and 2 professional editors. It’s next to impossible to find typos in your own work because of how familiar we become with the story.

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