NFP: Cheapest Method

In this economy, saving money has become a priority for most couples. It might seem like a simple concept, but Natural Family Planning is actually the cheapest method a couple can use for birth regulation. Depending on the course, fees vary from free to $150. If you add an extra $20 or so for thermometer replacement (for couples using the sympto-thermal method), it still brings the total to no more than $170 over the course of 30 years.

Compare that to the cost of chemical methods (like the Pill, contraceptive patch) or expensive surgeries. Even devices such as condoms and diaphragms are expensive when you consider that a couple will be using them frequently over 30 years or so. Compare that also to the fact that most methods of contraception pose some risks to the users and those costs should also be factored in. NFP is safe and healthy, with no side effects.

While cost was not the reason we initially used NFP, it certainly has become a bonus for us.

Couples can now learn NFP online anywhere in North America. For more information, leave a comment or email me at

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Copyright 2010 Ellen Gable Hrkach

4 thoughts on “NFP: Cheapest Method

  1. The knowledge you share with others, whether you are helping others to understand the benefits of NFP or baring your soul to show empathy, is truly inspiring. You are quite a woman, Ellen.

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