The “Intimacy” of Third Person Limited POV

Today, I’m guest posting over at the Savvy Authors website:

Third person limited can also be called “third person intimate” and it has been my preference for POV when writing novels. While the type of novel and subject matter may determine which POV an author should use, one of the reasons I like third person limited is because it has many of the advantages of first person (which uses “I”when telling the story) and few, if any, of the disadvantages. As an avid reader, I have often found myself confused when authors use third person omniscient. The advantage of third person limited is that we still get to know each character’s intimate thoughts and feelings and at the same time avoid confusion.

In my post, I include several excerpts from my Gold-medal winning novel, In Name Only. To read the entire post:

Copyright 2010 Ellen Gable Hrkach

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