Liberal Catholic Turns Orthodox by Embracing Humanae Vitae

Wonderful interview with Patrick Coffin on the LifeSiteNews website:

Interview with Patrick Coffin

Here’s a short excerpt:

“Acceptance of Humanae Vitae is a nearly perfect litmus test for orthodoxy in other areas. If you hold to this vital part of Catholic teaching, you will also hold to the whole. Dissent from Humanae Vitae, on the other hand, is invariably joined to dissent from other “life issues,” as we call them nowadays. When was the last time you saw a gay activist group walking alongside pro-lifers at an anti-abortion rally? How many pastors who dissent from Humanae Vitae preach homilies against co-habitation? Humanae Vitae is the wall hook that holds up the entire garment of the Catholic sexual ethic.”

I highly recommend that you read the entire interview with Patrick Coffin at the link above. Patrick is the author of ‘Sex Au Naturel: What it is and Why it’s Good for your Marriage’. You can read reviews at the Amazon link:

This book has just made it to my wish list!

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