Whispers of My Heart

Yesterday, I wrote about the wonderful new friendship I’ve made with fellow Catholic writer, Elizabeth Schmeidler. Today, with her permission, I am sharing this beautifully moving poem she wrote after she experienced a miscarriage.

Whispers of My Heart

Oh, baby of mine,
born of my heart,
My little one, who has ceased to be…
I can hear your laughter on the playground at school.
Tell me, can you hear me?

Oh, dream left undone, oh, hope left unseen,
Whose angelic face
I long to see…
I feel your soft skin in the touch of a rose.
Tell me, can you feel me?

Oh life’s joy of mine, loved from the start,
Whose powder fresh scent I awaited…
I’ll draw a breath from the ocean to inhale your sweet fragrance,
Yet somehow still not be sated.

Oh, baby of wonder, whose life breath is gone,
Whose smile my heart longs to see…
I imagine its brightness is much like the sunshine.
Tell me, can you see me?

Oh, baby of love, sweet soul of the Lord,
Whose name is forever written,
In God’s ledger of love, life’s book of creation,
With whom my pierced heart is smitten.

Oh, baby of mine, I shall trust in the Lord,
I will seek Him for comfort and peace.
For your sweet soul He cradles in His arms of compassion.
Someday my longing will cease.

Oh, sweet child of mine, I humbly await,
The day when your eyes shall meet mine.
I will hold you and rock you, while I whisper, “I love you.”
Amid the love of the Power Divine.

Elizabeth J. Schmeidler ©2000

God himself will always be with them. He will wipe
every tear from their eyes, and there shall be no
more death or mourning or pain.

(Revelation 21:3,4)

Special thanks to Elizabeth Schmeidler for sharing her poem with us! And…if you leave a comment below before Monday, January 17th at noon, you will be entered in a draw to win Elizabeth’s CD entitled “Hope” http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/eschmeidler1

Here is the link to one of Elizabeth’s youtube videos:

and her website: www.willyoubemyvoice.com

“Whispers of My Heart” copyright Elizabeth Schmeidler


10 thoughts on “Whispers of My Heart

  1. This puts into words, more profound than I ever could, feelings that run around in the mind after a miscarriage. I always trusted God, but honestly never thought of all the beautiful things in this poem; thank you!

  2. This poem is heart-wrenchingly beautiful. She has captured the outpouring of love and also the hope a mother can feel following such a loss. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. I found this blog around the time I found out I was pregnant for the 7th time. It ended too soon in a miscarriage which brought me to a total of 5 losses. I am so blessed to have 2 miracle babies though. I read the story of the 5 Souls in Heaven by Ellen and it helped me. I know without a doubt I have 5 angel babies waiting on me in heaven. It gave me hope to keep trying. Miscarriage is my cross to bear so I try to carry it with dignity and strength.

  4. Randi, thank you so much for your comments. Miscarriage is indeed a cross to bear. Writing “Five Little Souls in Heaven” was very cathartic for me so I’m so glad it helped you too. It’s good to share our experiences because it helps to know we’re not alone. Elizabeth’s poem truly puts words to the unbearable grief (but at the same time love and hope) which comes with losing a baby before birth.

  5. This is a beautifully written poem. It shows the loss of miscarriage……all that wondering as to how this little person would have looked and been like. But in the end there is the sure hope of reunion in God’s presence. Thank you for sharing.

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