Staying Connected

Another reason I love the 21st century is because it’s easier than ever to stay connected to your spouse. Email and texting allow me to contact James while he’s at work without interrupting him with a phone call.

Back in 1979, at the start of our long distance romance, we only had snail mail letters (sometimes taking up to two weeks to arrive). While I’m grateful that we have boxes and boxes of those beautiful and heartfelt letters, texting and email would have made the long distance relationship less frustrating.

In retrospect, I think the separation allowed us to realize that we could remain “close” even though we had 500 miles separating us. And…absence truly makes the “heart grow fonder.” Living in different countries also made us appreciate those times that we were able to be together (and we continue to be thankful for our togetherness, even after nearly 29 years of marriage).

However, if I could do it all again, I’d want the texting and email. Although our cartoon takes it to an extreme, these modern conveniences truly do help a couple “stay connected.”

Text copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach
Image copyright 2011 James and Ellen Hrkach/Full Quiver Publishing


5 thoughts on “Staying Connected

  1. I drug my heals on the “texting thing” for so long. I found it to be so unnecessary – an added expense. Then my son went off to college, and I gave in. I’m so glad that I did. It makes it so easy to get in touch with my son and my husband – at times and in places where a phone call might be too disruptive. Love it!

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