Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship

“Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship” is Full Quiver Publishing’s exciting new book to be published this June. It contains 12 stories which will inspire, captivate and entertain readers. We are currently working on the “Come My Beloved” website and we’ll post the link when it is finished, as well as the links where the book will be available for purchase.

The idea for this book came about on Valentine’s Day two years ago, when several mothers were enjoying each other’s fellowship as our children played and exchanged cards. We began sharing how each of us met our husbands. One by one we recounted our stories. It became evident that God’s hand was truly and firmly present in bringing each couple together. Kathy Cassanto, one of the mothers present, said, “It’s too bad there isn’t a book available with Catholic courtship stories.” My initial response was, “Well, if there isn’t, there should be.”

I immediately went online and discovered that there wasn’t a book containing Catholic courtship stories. So I asked Kathy to be my co-editor, and we set out to find inspiring Catholic courtship stories. We didn’t have to search far. Oftentimes, I simply listened to a small quiet voice prompting me to ask a particular couple, “Would you be willing to share how the two of you met?”

We agreed that the easiest and fastest way to gather the stories was to interview the couples, transcribe the interviews and edit the stories. Most of the stories in this book were from recorded conversations, then transcribed and edited, although some were written by the couples themselves.

As we interviewed each couple, a clear picture was emerging: that true love was far different from the infatuation which is so often portrayed in movies and books.

Each of these courtship/dating stories has its own theme, but all of them illustrate that God is the ideal matchmaker. The stories are uplifting, inspirational, funny, hopeful, romantic.

Over the past month, I have featured excerpts of the following stories. The complete versions of each story will be included in the book, along with updated family photos of all the couples. Here are the links of each excerpt:

David and Posie

Leon and Mary Lou

Robert and Sarah

Chris and Micki

James and Ellen

Mark and Kathy

Andrew and Regina

Michel and Jeanette

Tom and Patty

James and Pati

Damon and Melanie

Mark and Yvette

We are currently working on a second courtship book to be published the summer of 2012, so we are actively searching for more inspiring and entertaining Catholic courtship stories. If you have a dating story you’d like to share, please email me at and write “courtship story” in the subject line or leave a comment below.

Text and photo copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach/Full Quiver Publishing

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