The Rosary Workout

The Rosary Workout
by Peggy Bowes
Published 2009 by Bezalel Books

Have you ever wanted to know more about the rosary AND get in better shape at the same time? If so, “The Rosary Workout” by Peggy Bowes is the ideal book for you to shed excess pounds and be edified spiritually as well.

For the past five years, I have almost always recited a rosary (or part of it) while walking on my treadmill every day. So I was thrilled to hear there is a book which combines physical activity with spiritual well-being. “The Rosary Workout” can be used by anyone: those who have never exercised, those who occasionally exercise as well as the seasoned athlete.

This is a book which should be on everyone’s shelves as a great resource not only for learning about the Rosary, but also for educating about better health. It is filled with helpful information and references.

In Part 1, the author gives an overview of the Holy Rosary including the History and Devotion to the Rosary. Part II includes beautiful reflections on Mary as our Advocate and Teacher. Part III lists the many benefits of regular exercise as well as exercise fundamentals. Part IV lists the Prerequisites for beginning the Rosary Workout and includes sub topics such as proper time and season, discipline, setbacks and solutions, keeping track of the rosary prayers while exercising and role models. The author advocates examination of one’s body AND soul before beginning any exercise routine. This is such an important part of the book because many secular health enthusiasts only focus on the body. Part V includes the different level workouts.

I highly recommend “The Rosary Workout” as a book which can benefit everyone both physically and spiritually!

You can purchase “The Rosary Workout” at the book’s website: Rosary Workout Website

Copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach


2 thoughts on “The Rosary Workout

  1. I recently bought “The Rosary Workout”, the eBook version. I was so impressed with it that I wanted to share my find with other mothers.

    I offered a couple of copies of the eBook as a free giveaway on my blog. I wasn’t sure if anyone would read my post and enter the giveaway: a bit of a stressful post! (Free giveaways aren’t really my thing!!) But I had a good response and best of all, Peggy Bowes visited my blog and offered an aditional free copy of her book to give to one of my readers.

    Peggy seems a most delightful woman and I am so pleased to have made her aquaintance. I very much appreciated her friendliness and generosity.

    When I saw your tweet on this post, I just had to come and visit. By the way, I am looking forward to buying your books. I have already had a look at the ebook versions in the kindle store. Just need a free moment to download and enjoy. God bless!

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