Support Catholic Media on March 15

This Tuesday, March 15th, is “Catholic Media Promotion Day.” Greg Willits of The Catholics Next Door and The Rosary Army came up with this creative and brilliant way of supporting and promoting Catholic Media.

I heard about it through Lisa Hendey of Catholic Mom.

First, I encourage everyone to go to the Facebook page and “like” it:

Then…on March 15th, using your blog, podcast or Facebook, list your favorite three blogs, three podcasts, three other media and three random Catholic things online. Once you’ve done that, post your link at the “Catholic Media Promotion Day” facebook page.

It’s also recommended that you go to iTunes and leave at least three positive written reviews for various Catholic podcasts and 3 positive written reviews for Catholic mobile applications.

Last…but certainly not least…go to Amazon and leave three positive reviews for three Catholic books you like (hint, hint…I have two Catholic books on Amazon: links are at the side bar…)

Please join with other bloggers, writers and Catholics worldwide to participate in this worthy endeavor!


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