Contraception: Fatal to the Faith

The late Fr. John Hardon wrote an excellent article back in 1998 on the devastating spiritual consequences of contraception.

He writes:

“This must seem like a strange title, “Contraception-Fatal to the Faith.” What does the title mean? Does it mean that to believe in contraception is contrary to the faith? Or does it mean that Christian believers may not practice contraception? Or does it mean that those who practice contraception are in danger of losing their faith?

What do we mean by the title and what is the thesis of this presentation? We mean that professed Catholics who practice contraception either give up the practice of contraception or they give up their Catholic faith.”

And later…

“Contraception as a general practice is a recent innovation in the western nominally Christian society. Its rise is partly explained by the medical discovery of drugs which either prevent conception, or which destroy the unborn child in its mother’s womb.

But the rise of contraception is mainly the result of a widespread propaganda by women like Margaret Sanger and the powerful forces of population control…”

And, finally…

“It has been correctly said that Humanae Vitae divides the Catholic Church into two periods of history. The Church will survive only among those who believe that contraception is deadly to both Christianity and the promise of a heavenly reward. Normally thirty years is a short time. But in this case it has been long enough to prove who are still truly Catholics. They are those who believe that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. “If you love me,” Jesus said, “keep my commandments.” The single most tested commandment of the Savior today is that contraception is fatal to the true faith and to eternal life.”

To read the article in its entirety, click on the link above.


2 thoughts on “Contraception: Fatal to the Faith

  1. I love Fr. Hardon. He always gets to the heart of the matter, and when he writes, we can be assured it is the truth. Thank you so much for putting this great man’s writing out there, and bringing up a topic that most priests never talk about, and many Catholics do not fully understand.

    Abortion was the second step after contraception, the euthanasia. All part of the evil ones plan. The more information we can bring to the people, the better chance they, our faith and our country have of surviving.

    It was a brilliant idea to put out some key points and then offer the link for the full article, making your point short and sweet, and offering the gift of much more.

    Christ’s peace!

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