NFP: The Antidote

My new column on Catholic Mom is entitled “NFP: The Antidote:”

The contraceptive mentality is a prevailing attitude in our current society which says “I want control over my body and my fertility,” and “Sex is only for fun, not babies.”

This particular issue caused our first heated argument when James and I were engaged many years ago. (See previous column NFP: No Holding Back)

Canadian singer and composer, Mark Mallett, writes, “Contraception is like a condom over the heart.” Use of contraception is a mortal sin (refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church 2368-2370) and separates a couple spiritually and physically during their most intimate embrace.

We are all called to love as Christ loves. Conjugal love is meant to image the free, total, faithful and fruitful love of Christ. Contraception violates not just one, but all four aspects of marital love.

Many people say, “I don’t believe that contraception is wrong, so it’s fine for me to use it.” However, Christopher West writes in his book Theology of the Body for Beginners (p. 105): “Even if a couple is innocent in this regard (culpability), contraception will still have its damaging effect on their relationship. For example, if I drink a cup of poison, but don’t know it’s poison, I…am not culpable for my own death. But it will still kill me. Whether I think it’s poison or not has no bearing whatsoever on whether it is poison or not.”

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2 thoughts on “NFP: The Antidote

  1. Christopher West really puts things in a way that’s easy to understand, doesn’t he? I have a friend – a young man – who left Louisiana to go start a program for teaching Theology of the Body in Catholic High Schools in Ohio. He’s young, handsome and funny. Teens listen to what he has to say on the subject because he is “cool.” Young people like him really give me hope for the future of our world.

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