Catholic Writers Conference Online

This week the much-anticipated Catholic Writers Conference Online is being held. Yesterday, I attended chat sessions on Blogging (Sarah Reinhard), Romance (Tanya Stowe) and Self-Publishing (Susan Stewart). Today, I will be giving two chat presentations on “Amazon Kindle” and “Self-Publishing,” as well as attending other sessions.

The Catholic Writers’ Conference Online is an annual event where writers of all levels and interests can learn from experienced authors. Topics cover everything from idea generation to publishing; plot to marketing. The conference regularly has over 300 attendees and around 50 presentations–and it’s free!

The conference is held via chats and forums at the Catholic Writers Conference website. Sponsored by the Catholic Writer’s Guild, the online conference is open to writers of all levels who registered before March 1st.

“Each year, we have about 300 writers and around 50 presenters participate,” said organizer, Karina Fabian. “In addition to presentations and workshops covering everything from idea generation to marketing your published work, we have crit groups and pitch sessions with Catholic and secular publishers. ”

Although the conference is offered free of charge, donations are accepted; proceeds will go toward future conferences. Non-Catholics may attend, as long as they respect Catholic beliefs and the conference’s Catholic focus.

2 thoughts on “Catholic Writers Conference Online

  1. Wish I had known about this. I am working on a book on trying to find God’s grace in the experiences of Grief and Loss —Natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina), Sexual Abuse by priests (mine and other family members) and suicide (my son’s).

    I know… too much. But I don’t have the energy to write three books on grief and loss and I have discovered that there is such a commonality to the process of grieving that it does actually make sense to process these tragedies together.

    Anyway, good luck with the conference.

  2. I hope to participate in next year’s conference. My book will be available on beginning April 15th. My Mother Killed Christ: But God Loves Me Anyway is a triumphant memoir detailing the life of Katie Murphy, a 1960s Catholic School girl struggling to keep the faith acquired at school in a home ruled by a mentally ill mother who believed she killed Jesus Christ. This deeply affecting memoir shares my inspiring journey from an abusive childhood to an adulthood of redemptive love.

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