St. Anthony and The Lost Wedding Ring

St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, has always been a favorite intercessor of mine. Over the past 30 years, his powerful intercession has helped us to find almost every thing we have ever lost. So when my husband, James, realized that his wedding band was missing, I was not worried. Instead, I immediately began praying to St. Anthony, with trust in him that the ring would, at some point, be found.

Strangely enough, James never takes off his wedding ring, except perhaps a few times a year when he helps me with baking. So both of us were perplexed as to how it could have been lost in the first place.

I trusted that with St. Anthony’s assistance, this precious symbol of our marriage would eventually be found…and that happened two days later when one of our sons saw something sparkling on our bedrock driveway (at night, no less…) We surmise that his ring slipped off one cold night while he was getting in or out of the car.

Even our kids have learned to call on St. Anthony when something is lost (see cartoon).

Thank you, St. Anthony!

For more information on St. Anthony, check out this website:

Cartoon and Text copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach

13 thoughts on “St. Anthony and The Lost Wedding Ring

  1. I love St. Anthony, too! In fact, my youngest son’s middle name is Anthony because of this great Saint. I was first introduced to St. Anthony when I was engaged. I lost my engagement ring in a field of grass while tossing a football. My fiancee’ suggested that we pray to St. Anthony. After combing the field for several minutes, a bit of the gold band reflected the sunlight and the flicker hit our eyes. He’s been a dear, heavenly friend ever since!

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  3. Ellen, I have lost my wedding ring on Wednesday August 29th. I mowed the grass afterward my wife & I took a walk around the neighborhood with our son in his stroller. We stopped to talk with a neighbor. I reached down to get my keys in my pocket & noticed my ring was off my finger. I never take off my ring. My wife & I will be married for 1 year on September 9th (horrible timing). I meticulously scanned the front & back yard & retraced the route we took that day. I borrowed a metal detector & went over the same places. I searched in my truck & house. I have had no luck. I know that this is a material object, but it has the melted down rings & 3 small diamonds of my wife’s family. I have this feeling of despair. I sure need St. Anthony’s help & have asked him to help me find the ring.

  4. Please pray for my daughter to find her wedding ring. The diamond fell out and she just realized it. Praying that St Anthony will mediate on her behalf and help her to find it asap…

  5. I have lost my wedding ring and my wedding band as well! I am beyond myself!! I cant stop crying!! Please if anyone can help and pray to St. Anthony I would be so grateful! Thank you

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