A Nice Place to Visit…

The following is an updated re-posting of an article I wrote a few years ago:

I have always found history fascinating, especially 19th century history, and I particularly enjoy reading historical romances. Unfortunately, many of the romance novels published nowadays contain graphic sexuality, and it is becoming difficult to find ones which do not include detailed descriptions of immoral behavior. So I decided to write one which I myself would enjoy reading, with no graphic sexuality and with Catholic characters.

The 19th century experienced the 1812 War, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, the reign of Queen Victoria and the invention of photography. I find myself in awe of the quality of the daguerreotypes and tintypes, but I am most intrigued with the expressions on people’s faces in these early photographs. Many, if not most, of the people in these old photographs have a neutral or unhappy expression (although I realize it was probably because it took so long to capture the image).

Years ago, I bought a book on the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 (which took place in Philadelphia) and I imagined being part of this extravagant event. Those brief thoughts were the beginning of my novel, In Name Only.

As much as I find history fascinating, there are many aspects of Victorian life which do not appeal to me, like corsets, repressed sexuality, outhouses, women having few legal rights, women dying in childbirth and so on.

I’ve been told by my physician that if I had lived in the 19th century, I probably would have died in childbirth. So I’m happy to be living in the 21st century, in a house built 19 years ago, where I can curl up on a comfortable Lazy Boy chair, turn up the heat and read a great historical novel.

Copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach
Victorian Clipart from: http://antiqueclipart.com/


2 thoughts on “A Nice Place to Visit…

  1. I just love the picture you paint of living in the 21st century! I certainly enjoy many of our modern conveniences, although the 19th century does appeal to me with the romanticized descriprions of life in novels and paintings and such…

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