“Life’s” Richest Resources

When I was a pre-teen, my favorite game was “Life.” My goal when playing the game was never to “win.” Instead, I always wanted my little pink car to be filled with lots of children. I saw children as the most valuable and important resource, more so than stocks, real estate or my occupation. In fact, if I made a lot of money and won, but had no children, I never really felt like I had won.

Fast forward 40 years. If someone were to look at all the material possessions my family has, they would probably describe our way of life as “modest.” We don’t have extensive real estate, investments and/or stocks and bonds. But with five living children (and seven in heaven), I truly feel “rich.”

Text copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach
Cartoon copyright 2011 Full Quiver Publishing


4 thoughts on ““Life’s” Richest Resources

  1. We may not have much by worldly standards either, but we always say that we are “kid-rich”! And that – to us – is more important than any wealth the world could ever offer to us :D.

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