On the Soul of a Vampire by Krisi Keley

Today’s Fiction Friday excerpt is from Krisi Keley’s novel, “On the Soul of a Vampire.” Read my review of this outstanding book here. A new second edition has just been released. Thank you, Krisi!

My raison d’être first presented itself outside an old library in University City, Philadelphia. Or so I might have recognized had I believed in such lofty ideas then. It was a humid early autumn evening of 1997 in Pennsylvania, a night where a casual stroll without objective was all I’d had in mind, when my attention was arrested by a group of girls, barely dressed in extremely short shorts and skimpy halter tops, who emerged from the building, giggling over their private, though I dare say not very profound, secrets. I was somewhat amused by their carefree good humor, their complete innocence to anything dark that may be watching and waiting this warm, starlit evening. Amused, but also slightly saddened, for it seemed to me that, in a number of ways, the youth of these past several decades lacked much in the way of imagination. This was not their fault, of course; the tendency to rewrite myth as harmless entertainment had begun years before their birth.

I watched the young women as they bounced down the stairs of the library, affected by little more than worries over their hair, their makeup, and which young man might notice their charms at that evening’s “kegger.” Perhaps then, the sadness was also due in part to my certainty they would never care to be affected by anything more. Most assuredly, they would not allow themselves to be touched by the darkness that had its hold on me.

My interest began to wane quickly, as I experienced no real desire for one of the group of them. Or rather, I suppose, because I would not satisfy such a desire had any inspired it. So I was on the point of turning away as they parted to go their separate ways at the bottom of the stairs, when into my view came the one who had descended, alone, a few steps behind them.

Dwindling mild enchantment was utterly obliterated in my sudden awareness of this young woman, and a hunger I hadn’t known to lay eyes on the most enticing of human beings froze me in place.

It would be easy to claim that it was her physical beauty alone that caused such a reaction, for surely it would have provoked similar in any man. Not to mention a host of other strong physical sensations. This young female, barely more than a child by modern standards, was exquisite in every aspect of physical allure and, although for me all mortals are beautiful in essence, sometimes the least agreeable to the eye, the most pleasing to the soul, I admit that her outer beauty held my attention every bit as much as the glorious lifeforce that enveloped her being.

The second edition of On the Soul of a Vampire is available via the book’s website http://www.onthesoulofavampire.com and on Amazon.com.

The publisher is giving away a free e-copy of this novel to one lucky reader. Leave a comment before Monday, June 20th to be entered.

2 thoughts on “On the Soul of a Vampire by Krisi Keley

  1. Thank you so much, Ellen, for sharing an excerpt of On the Soul in your Fiction Fridays feature! And congratulations on the release of Come My Beloved. I’m really looking forward to reading it! Emily’s Hope and In Name Only are two of my favorite books and I love your beautiful, inspiring writing.

    Blessings to you and your readers,

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