Interview at Catholic Mom

I was recently interviewed by Lisa Hendey, founder of Catholic

Here’s the prologue to her interview:

I love a good love story, and even more so when it’s a “real life” story of the triumph of love. That’s probably why I instantly fell in love with Come My Beloved by Ellen Gable Hrkach and Kathy Cassanto. In full disclosure, I’ll share that I actually already loved Ellen – she and I have been writing friends for years, she is a contributor here at, and we’ve even had the pleasure of meeting and spending time in person. So I guess perhaps I was predisposed to enjoyment when Come My Beloved crossed my desk. But the truth is that this is a wonderful book — and in an age when marriage is often under attack — a greatly needed shot of encouragement not only for married couples, but also for engaged couples discerning their vocation together.

And the start of the interview:

Q: Tell us about Come My Beloved – what prompted you to compile this book and what will readers find in the book?

Everyone loves a love story, especially a true life love story. In this day and age where divorce is unfortunately common, love stories which lead to joy-filled marriages give us hope.

Come My Beloved is a celebration of Catholic courtship and love. Readers will find different courtship stories, from couples who have been married a few years to other couples who have been married for many years (one couple in the book has been married for 58 years).

As to what prompted me, two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, a group of homeschooling mothers had gotten together so that our children could exchange Valentine’s. Because it was Valentine’s Day, we began sharing how we met and married our husbands. My friend, Kathy Cassanto, remarked, “I wonder if there is a book out there with Catholic courtship stories.” My response was, “If there isn’t, there should be.” Thus, the idea was born.

To read the article and interview in its entirety:


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