Fiction Friday – Stealing Jenny Prologue

For Fiction Friday in the summer months, I will be featuring short excerpts of my third novel, Stealing Jenny, which will be available on September 15th in print and on Kindle. The following is the prologue of the novel.

August 4th

One more baby to hold in her arms. That’s all Jenny Callahan wanted. After three heartbreaking miscarriages, every twinge and cramp at the beginning of this pregnancy had caused her to fear for her unborn child’s life. But now, with less than six weeks until her due date, she felt like she was “home free.”

Jenny didn’t initially notice the swirling dark red fluid on the shower floor under her large pregnant stomach. When she finally did see the bright explosion of crimson in the water, she stifled a scream and started to shake uncontrollably. The only person home was three-year-old Caleb, who was sitting in front of the television watching a Barney DVD. Jenny’s husband, Tom, and their four daughters were an hour away at the movie theater in Ottawa. She quickly turned off the shower, stuffed a towel between her legs and pulled on her robe. She began to hyperventilate and had to will herself to calm down. I must call Mom. Her mother arrived within minutes and whisked her and Caleb off to the hospital.

During the entire five-minute journey, she begged God to allow Little Buddy to be born safely. Her baby was in real jeopardy, considering the blood which had already soaked through the towel and was now seeping onto the seat. The mineral scent was sickening. Please, God, I’ll do anything you ask of me, just let Little Buddy be okay. Her mother kept saying “It’ll be fine,” but that’s what mothers are supposed to say. Moments later, Jenny breathed a sigh of relief when the ultrasound revealed the baby’s obvious heartbeat and movement. However, the doctor cautioned, she would have to remain on bed rest in the hospital for a day or so until they could stop the bleeding.

Next week: Chapter 1 excerpt

Stealing Jenny will be released on September 15, 2011.

Copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach/Full Quiver Publishing


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