Fiction Friday – Stealing Jenny Chapter 2

Excerpt from Chapter Two:

In her living room, Denise Kramer peered out the window at the bus stop across the street. She took the last drag of her cigarette, then crushed it in the ashtray while slowly exhaling. Jenny Callahan would soon be traipsing up the street to pick up her daughters at the bus stop.

She first noticed Jenny four months ago at the veterinary clinic where Denise worked as a vet tech. Denise couldn’t stand the way Jenny paraded her big stomach in front of her, lording it over her that she was pregnant and Denise was not. Later that week, Denise was alone for a few hours working at the office doing treatments for the post-op animals. She took out Bootsie Callahan’s file and discovered that Jenny lived only two blocks away. Better yet, Jenny’s kids caught the school bus right across the street from her.

During the ensuing weeks, Denise occasionally parked across the street and watched them through the front bay window in their living room which was rarely curtained off. She couldn’t stand their quaint happy family with their quaint little house and their quaint laughing children.

Over the past four months, she spent time searching online to find out more about the Callahans. The more she studied them, the more she hated them: the kind of couple who just looked at each other and became pregnant.

Denise, on the other hand, had tried for years to get pregnant with her husband, Lou. Fertility drugs, three failed in vitro attempts and still no baby. The last straw was when the adoption agency turned them down, saying that Denise’s smoking, and her ‘questionable’ psychological assessment precluded them from placing any babies in their care. Lou finally left, telling her that she was “obsessed” with having a baby.

Denise soon began to share the “news” with her co-workers, neighbors and cousin that she was pregnant. When asked, she told them that she had decided to attempt in vitro again without Lou and this time, it worked. Many celebrities and Octomom had proven that women can have babies without a significant other. Who needed fathers anyway?

Except she wouldn’t be trying in-vitro again; she had a better plan.

Stealing Jenny will be available in print or in Kindle on September 15th.

Copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach/Full Quiver Publishing


4 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – Stealing Jenny Chapter 2

  1. Ellen, I wasn’t going to read this chapter excerpt as I wanted to save the enjoyment until the book is published and I can buy an e-version. But I couldn’t resist! Not long until publication day!

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