Review of Come My Beloved on Catholic Mothers Online

Special thanks to Kathleen Basi for this great review she posted on Catholic Mothers Online:

Come My Beloved Book Review on Catholic Mothers Online

In her review (which is actually two reviews comparing my book with a book entitled “Bad Mother”) Kathleen writes,
Come My Beloved illustrates a beautiful truth: that as long as we are seeking God’s will in our lives, He will always get us where we’re supposed to be, no matter how many obstacles we throw in the way.

And later, “This is definitely a book for Catholic readers. Many of the stories involve conversions, and in every case, the couples display a commitment to God and a healthy expression of Godly love—in other words, sexuality. It can be a hard, lonely road to strive to live up to the Christian ideal of sexuality and marriage. It’s always a good thing to read stories of others who have walked or are walking along the same journey. It is an easy read, and it’s food for the soul, too.”


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