Fiction Friday – Targeted by John M. Wills

Today’s Fiction Friday excerpt is from a crime novel entitled “Targeted,” by John M. Wills. My review is here.

Sitting across from him, Marilyn quickly sprang from her chair. “Dean, no disrespect, but I don’t need you to tell me Joe’s death was a tragedy. Nor do I need to hear about whom to blame. Yes, God didn’t pull the trigger, but He didn’t prevent it from being pulled either. Now, you tell me you don’t know why He does things? Well, I think I do—I think He couldn’t care less about me. I think after all of the prayers, the pain, and hard work that Joe and I put in to see him through his struggle with cancer, God turned His back on us. What kind of parent turns away from their child like that?” She was pacing, pointing at Dean, as if he were the Lord, and she was accusing him directly.

“Marilyn, you know that’s not true. Your faith . . .”

She stopped him. “My faith? What faith would that be, Reverend? Would that be faith in a loving God who I believed would always be with me, who would shelter and protect me, who would reward me for being a good Christian? Is that the faith you’re referring to?”

Targeted is available on Amazon in print or on Kindle.

Copyright John M. Wills


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