Review of Generous Faith

My latest review for Amazing is for a book entitled “Generous Faith: Stories to Inspire Abundant Living” published by Paraclete Press.

Generous Faith: Stories to Inspire Abundant Living by Sr. Bridget Haase is a wonderful book filled with touching stories, spiritual reflections and lessons in faith. This beautiful little book illustrates that our life is an abundant life, a gift from God. As Sr. Bridget says, “All we need to do is cultivate this awareness through three basic practices: Living in the Moment; Trusting in Divine Care and Experiencing God’s Presence.” Each section or practice includes stories and reflections pertinent to each practice.

Sr. Bridget writes: “In these stories we have met men, women and children living across cultural borders and close to home. We have sat at the ocean with a dying shell seeker, held a Gypsy child in our arms, and laughed over bus tickets and letters. We have experienced the power of desert baked tears of compassion of a son’s undying love for his father.” We meet these unique images of God throughout the book: Bird, Wynn, Buster, Rita, Aisha and many others.

I enjoyed reading about Sr. Bridget’s family and the interesting people she has met through the years. The stories are engaging and kept my interest throughout the entire book. I especially appreciated the spiritual reflections and lessons in faith and have begun to implement them in my own life.

This is a beautifully written book and a delightful read filled with poignant stories and reflections. It is a book I won’t soon forget and one that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach


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