Fiction Friday – The Story of Peace

Special thanks to Miriam Ezeh, author of “The Story of Peace” for this excerpt:

Chapter One

In a small farming village off the coast of Africa, the clouds displayed the golden brown effects of the sinking sun signaling the end of another work day. The occasional crows and bleats of animals surfaced amidst the laughter of children as they played in their parents’ yards. The little ones had been to school, they had completed the day’s chores, and now they remained outdoors determined to enjoy every remaining moment of the fading daylight. Farmers trekked home after another day of plowing the harsh soils while their wives prepared the modest meals that they would later call dinner. And for those women who opted to cook outside the house, the aroma of their meals mingled with the scent of wood smoke did not go unnoticed by any passerby.

In the southern end of this settlement sat a two-story cement house. The structure, though quite small and unpainted, served its farming owners well. The main level consisted of a compact living room and a scant kitchen. On the upper level, the only bathroom in the house stood sandwiched between two bedrooms. The builder saw fit to roof the house with corrugated iron while the floors received nothing but a slab of concrete.

Laughter was once a common occurrence in this home. But a tragic event befell the inhabitants slashing their number from four to two. The lives and hearts of the surviving orphans propelled in opposite directions. And instead of laughter, the grey walls of the structure became witness to tears and arguments.

On this fine day, just as the other citizens of the village were sitting down to dinner in their homes, these two orphans sat in the kitchen of their unpainted cement farm house and engaged in a debate that would determine the outcome of their lives…

Copies of The Story of Peace can be obtained from

Don’t miss this engaging chaste love story about a young woman who struggles under the threat of violent conflict to keep her only sibling safe while relying, at the same, on her trust in Christ and on her Catholic Faith.

Thank you, Miriam, for sharing this excerpt of your beautiful novel!

The author is giving away one free Kindle copy of “The Story of Peace.” Please leave a comment below before Friday, October 14 to be entered to win!


6 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – The Story of Peace

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  2. Ellen,

    I really enjoy the fiction excerpts you present on your blog. In these few paragraphs of this novel, the scene has been set and I am already wondering where the story will lead.

    Just before we left on our holiday a couple of weeks ago, I spent a long time reading your fiction posts, trying to decide on some suitable ebooks I could buy for us to read while we were away. I ended up buying books by Desjarlais, Blunt, Wills and Macfarlane. We have enjoyed every book we have read very much. Thank you for your recommendations, Ellen! I love your blog.

    God bless.

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