God Doesn’t Give Us Anything We Can’t Handle

Recently, I contributed a story to the book, God Moments III: True Love Leads to Life, which will be published sometime in the future.

Since October is Respect Life Month, here is the story, “God Doesn’t Give Us Anything We Can’t Handle” in its entirety:

The meeting had ended and I was casually chatting with some of the attendees. One young woman handed me the ultrasound photo of her 14-week unborn baby.

“Beautiful,” I said.

“I’m going to have an abortion.” The words made me gasp. It was the last thing I thought I would hear from a woman showing me an ultrasound photo of her unborn baby. All I could manage to say was “Why?”

“The doctor is pretty sure that the baby has spina bifida because he isn’t moving his legs. And I can’t deal with a handicapped child right now.” This particular woman already had two small children and she was currently separated from her husband.

“What about adoption?” I asked.

“Who would want to adopt a handicapped baby?”

“Lots of people would. I know many couples who have adopted babies with disabilities.”

She looked down at the photo and shook her head. “I’ve already made up my mind.”

I silently prayed, Please God, give me the words to convince her not to kill her baby.

“God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. He knows you can handle this. And…look at your baby. You have a picture of him right in your hands.”

She sighed as she studied the photo.

“But his legs didn’t move.”

“Perhaps, but his heart was beating, right? He’s alive.”

“Yeah…I guess.”

Soon our conversation was interrupted. I was disappointed because I didn’t want it to end. Part of me wanted to shake her and say, “Please don’t kill your baby!” But I didn’t.

She walked out the door. On the way home, I continued to pray. I prayed for her over the next few days and weeks, afraid to call her, in case she had gone ahead with the abortion.

Two weeks later, she called me.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“Okay.” Her voice sounded quiet, almost sad. A lump formed in my throat. A few seconds passed. Finally, she spoke.

“I didn’t have the abortion. I couldn’t do it.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s wonderful. You won’t regret it.”

“You were right.”

“I was?”

“Yes. When I went home, I thought about those words, ‘God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle’ and I realized that you were right. No matter what happens, I can handle this.”

Five months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy with no sign of spina bifida.

Photo copyright Ellen Gable Hrkach


15 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Give Us Anything We Can’t Handle

  1. That just brought tears to my eyes and my nose got all tingly. That was beautiful. Truly. Thank you for sharing that and reminding us that God is so good!!

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  3. It sounds like God stopped the conversation right when it needed to be ended…Sometimes God gets us to shut up before we screw up by saying too much, I think! This is a lesson I’m trying really hard to learn. :/

  4. Very powerful story! You never know how your words, guided by the Holy Spirit are going to influence someone! As for God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. I think He actually does give us more than we can handle on a regular basis so we can learn to rely on His strength and grace and the love of others! He always has a plan and that plan may involve suffering so His death can lead us to the redemptive resurrection that will ultimately lead to a complete union with God.

    Also the bigger picture of “God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle” is that God is a loving God, not a vengeful, power-hungry monster that wants to belittle us! God wishes us good at all times even if it is not evident to us at the time! Trust in Him and you will be fulfilled!

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. You were truly “God with skin on” for this woman. There are never coincidences with God, just God incidences. The psalm that says “open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise” comes to mind. Glory to God that you are open to the Holy Spirit and your heart and faith and mouth became a tool that saved this child’s life. God bless you.

  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

    Thirty-three years ago, a woman in Virginia gave birth to a baby with spina bifida. Eventually, she’d be wheelchair-bound; when that happened, she’d never stand up from it again. She’d have to endure multiple surgeries; long, painful recoveries; and chronic pain.

    What kind of life is that?

    I’ll tell you. She’s graduated college, held a few jobs, and become a homeschooling mom. Next year, we’ll have been wed for ten years. We’re raising a beautiful (and very mobile) son, and we’re praying for more children.

    My life is no less uncertain than her’s, or anyone’s. I don’t know what God wills for tomorrow, but that’s no reason not to have today.

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  8. thankyou for sharing amazing story…

    As like His words in isaiah 49:15-16

    “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast
    and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
    Though she may forget,
    I will not forget you!
    “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands;
    your walls are ever before me.

    be blessed

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