Working With An Editor

Today, I’m over at the Catholic Writers Guild Blog, talking about self-publishing and “working with an editor.”

Here is an excerpt:

Before I started writing fiction, I had written many non-fiction articles. I mistakenly thought fiction would be easier. The first draft of my debut novel, Emily’s Hope, was so bad that when I gave part of it to my kind (and honest) husband to read, his response was, “You’re not going to let anyone read this, are you?”

Admittedly, I was crushed. I hired an editor and over the next two years, she helped me to take a badly written first draft and transform it into a much better novel. She helped me not only to improve my writing style, but to also create a convincing narrative voice.

To read the article in its entirety, click here. Leave a comment at the CWG Blog before Friday, October 14th to be entered to win one of two free Kindle copies of my new book, Stealing Jenny.


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