The Joy of Mothering Musical Sons

When some people find out that I am the mother of five sons, they often tell me that they feel sorry for me (although I can’t imagine why). While I have found that boys are rambunctious and “busy” as toddlers, as pre-teens and teens, they have been a true joy.

Although I would have loved to have a daughter (and I’m certain I have at least a few up in heaven…see previous post Seven Little Souls in Heaven), I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as mother of all boys and I can’t imagine anything different.

Rewind 33 years ago…I first came up to Canada in 1978 to meet my pen-pal. She later invited me to a “rock band jam session” in which her brother was a member. I didn’t like rock music, but I wanted to be polite so I said yes. At the jam session, I noticed one curly-haired boy crouching down with his back toward me and playing the same three or four notes on his guitar. When he turned around, and I finally got a look at his face, he took my breath away.

We soon began a long distance relationship, married in 1982 and now have five sons (all musically talented like their Dad).

This short clip below was videotaped this past summer at the local park. Although our oldest son is not in the video, this clip shows my husband and sons’ unique musical talents (with the help of family friend, Jamie Bentz).

And at a moment like this, watching the fun they are having, I am very, very happy and proud to be the mother of five sons!


7 thoughts on “The Joy of Mothering Musical Sons

  1. isn’t it fun to see your kids perform? My older son picked up the guitar in high school (I am self-taught as well) and soon branched out to electric bass and mandolin. Now he plays at Mass in college. My younger son is finding his niche in theatre. I’m just loving it!

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  3. This is totally awesome! Alex is loving the piano; Nicholas is in the drum stage. I dream of my family doing this someday. Well, this, or some other genre…who knows? I’ll take anything! 🙂

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