Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. Snow, snow, snow
My youngest son (age 12) is an avid skier and has been pining for snow. There is usually snow on the ground by now (after all, this is Canada, right?) Today…it’s snowing…I have one happy son!

2. My third novel, Stealing Jenny, is continuing to receive great reviews and doing well on Amazon Kindle. Thanks especially to Sarah Reinhard for this amazing review on Catholic Mom!

3. Advent Cartoon (and yes, these are caricatures of my husband, myself and three of our five sons)

4. Amazing Catechists New Site I’ve been writing for Amazing Catechists for a few years now and Lisa Mladinich, the founder, has just launched a new site and new look! Next week, there will be all kinds of fun giveaways to be won!

5. If you’ve had a miscarriage or have lost a baby at birth, I hope you’ll find some comfort from my post and excerpt from Fr. Frank Pavone’s article.

6. I LOVED this post by AnnMarie Creedon at Catholic Sistas Begin the ADVENTure

7. And…last but not least….it’s that time of year again…to share with readers the cool video (from 2009) of my husband and two of my sons performing “Carol of the Bells” at the local high school (who obviously loved their performance!)

(Next week, I’ll share the more recent version of this number)

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