Not My Mother’s Journey Book Review

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil 4:13) could well be the theme of Heather St. Aubin-Stout’s book, Not My Mother’s Journey. It is the story of one woman’s experience with surviving breast cancer.

It was a challenging read because of the subject matter, although I can see how this book would be helpful to women going through the same journey. St. Aubin-Stout said in a recent interview, “we all will face difficulties in our lives, and with faith, community, hope, and love we can persevere through them.”

The author’s mother died at a relatively young age (45) of breast cancer. When the author was first diagnosed with a breast abnormality in 2000, it was benign. However, when she was diagnosed years later in 2006, unfortunately it turned out to be cancer. The book takes the reader through her entire journey, not only with cancer but in the day-to-day life of her family. This includes experiences with a son who made poor choices which led to difficult repercussions for the family.

Written in the present tense, it is compiled entirely of diary entries and emails to and from the author. It reads more like a journal than a non-fiction book and also includes photos of the author and her mother.

I can imagine how therapeutic the writing of this book was for St.Aubin-Stout and her enthusiasm to share her candid story is to be commended. The author stresses that “A lot has changed in the cancer community over the last twenty years. It is very important to be your own best advocate, to be diligent with your health, your mammograms and early detection saves lives.”

I especially recommend this book for those who have experienced breast cancer.

Copyright 2011 Ellen Gable Hrkach

2 thoughts on “Not My Mother’s Journey Book Review

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  2. Thanks Ellen! Happy New Year! Remember to be your own best advocate when facing an illness, and early detection saves lives! Thank you for helping to spread the word about the book. I truly believe that sharing our stories, our experiences helps others going through similar situations, you aren’t alone!

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