7 Quick Takes Friday – January 6 (NFP Edition)

Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

Today I’d like to do a 7 Quick Takes devoted entirely to Natural Family Planning (NFP). NFP is safe, healthy, effective and morally acceptable. To read a bit of how I came to be such an enthusiastic promoter and teacher of NFP, click here.

1. The beginning of a new year often prompts the making of resolutions. My latest column at Amazing Catechists talks about including NFP in healthy habits for the new year.

2. While NFP has many benefits, sometimes couples are attracted to the low cost of learning and using NFP:

3. The Couple to Couple League has been offering NFP classes online/virtually for two years. James and I have taught more couples virtually in the past year than in the past ten years combined. While it’s not a perfect system as yet (internet problems do happen), it is an ideal way to learn NFP if there are no classes within driving distance. We’ve taught couples from Florida, Utah, North Dakota, Colorado, Ohio, California, Virginia, Ontario, Newfoundland, Wisconsin. For more information, check out this link: http://register.ccli.org/virtual

4. I have always loved having conversations about my fertility with doctors, especially ones who don’t know I’ve been an NFP teacher for 27 years:

5. My first book, Emily’s Hope, is the fictionalized parallel stories of myself and my great-grandmother. In telling my conversion story, I also wanted to illustrate the beauty of NFP and the Church’s teachings on sexuality. For more information, or to watch an interview, to read reviews or an excerpt, check out the novel’s website or the Amazon page.

6. If you like to read good old-fashioned love stories, you’ll probably enjoy my third book, Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship. Earlier this week, I offered copies on Amazon Kindle and was surprised at the response (nearly 700 people downloaded the book on Kindle). I’ll be offering another free giveaway on Kindle closer to Valentine’s Day. Of course, it’s only 2.99 on Kindle so it’s a bargain either way.

So what does Come My Beloved have to do with NFP? Well, many of the stories touch on NFP themes. At the book’s website, you can view a book trailer, read reviews and excerpts.

7. Finally, if you are interested in learning more about Natural Family Planning, there are many different methods and organizations that teach NFP. Here are just a few: Couple to Couple League, Billings Ovulation Method, Serena (Canada), Creighton Model Fertility Care System.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary.

Cartoons copyright 2012 Full Quiver Publishing


18 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – January 6 (NFP Edition)

  1. I love that comic in #4. Nicely done! Funny story: I just changed primary care docs–a wholly weird thing to say, considering how often I see my Ob/Gyn compared to my “primary care” doc–and I was 6 months pregnant when I went in to establish care. She kept asking me questions that made no sense, about weight and smoking and alcohol…and finally it occurred to me she wanted to know if I was pregnant! “Um, I’m pregnant,” I finally said, and her face cleared immediately. I thought, Come on! I’m not one of those women who hide pregnancy well, or who are just hard to tell…it was patently obvious I had a big honking “bump.” She just didn’t want to ask outright b/c it would be rude. LOL! I have no idea why your post reminded me of that, unless it was that comic.

    • Kathleen, that doctor probably had the experience I had years ago. I was in high school, and asked a friend of mine when her mother was due to have her baby, and she said her mother wasn’t pregnant! (She had 10 or 11 kids at the time.) I was so confused that I said, “Well, she looks like it.” AACK! I wanted to bite off my tongue for letting that come out of my mouth! I swore I would never again assume someone was pregnant, but I let down my guard years later at a midwives’ convention. (I am not a midwife, but was helping at the convention.) I asked a woman when her baby was due, and she was not pregnant! That was about 17 years ago, and I have never asked a woman that question again, no matter how “obvious” the pregnancy!

  2. Wow, Ellen, your reply to Emily is so true! I went to the hospital once fearing an early miscarriage and the doctors were asking me how long it had been since I took a pregnancy test… I hadn’t taken one! Why bother?

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  4. I love the cartoons, Ellen! And I love how you and James use your separate talents for a common interest and cause. Andy and I work together doing apostolic work and I have come to the conclusion that sharing a passion for a worthwhile cause draws people together.

    God bless!

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