Fiction Friday – A Child Will Lead Them

I haven’t posted a Fiction Friday excerpt since November because I’ve been participating in 7 Quick Takes Friday.

However, today I’d like to share the beginnings of singer and composer, Elizabeth Schmeidler’s, new novel called “A Child Will Lead Them.” I’ll be posting a review soon. And…if you leave a comment before Monday, February 6, you will be entered to win a Kindle copy of this book!

A Child Will Lead Them
Maine, 1908

Victoria stumbled as her booted foot found yet another muddy hole in the near-flooded path. Icy sleet pounded mercilessly against her head and face, yet remarkably, she was hardly aware of the pain it was causing. The howling of the gusty wind seemed to envelop her screaming voice and the realization that Cammy might not be able to hear her calling intensified her fear. Still, she continued forward into the dark and unending woodland before her.

In the back of her mind, she knew she should have gone for help, but the severity of the storm had made her panic at the thought of her three-year-old out in the woods alone.

It had started out as such a lovely day—cool, but sunny. Cammy had been thoroughly delighted to go with her mother to town and deliver hand-sewn garments to the mercantile. As usual, she had waited patiently in front of the display case for Victoria to finish the transaction. In truth, she had been staring at the lovely little baby doll in the display case for as long as Victoria could remember, though not once had she asked for it. Victoria had been saving up for quite some time so that she could give her daughter a rare treat for her upcoming birthday, but impulsively decided to surprise her with an early gift. Grinning, she bent down and whispered softly into Cammy’s ear, giving her consent to purchase the doll.

Flashbacks of the glorious smile Cammy had given her surged through Victoria’s mind, and no amount of time or darkest storm could erase the picture of her daughter’s joyful face. The memory of how Cammy had then showered Victoria’s face with loud wet kisses was nearly her undoing; the pain it caused blinded her with a greater intensity than the raging storm.

“Dear Father in Heaven, be with me now, and lead me to my baby!” she sobbed. “Be with Cammy, Lord. Protect her with your mercy!”

By now, Victoria’s legs felt numb from the cold. The temptation to despair nearly overwhelmed her, but her maternal instinct and faith demanded she carry on. She ignored the numbness and willed her legs to continue onward. Though the sound of her voice seemed to immediately be swallowed up by the storm, Victoria cried out yet again. “Cammy, where are you? Cammy…Caammyy!”

Where could she be, Lord? Why did she leave the house when I told her to stay put? Oh, Lord, Mr. Brackman’s land goes on for miles…it is almost too dark to see…

In the next instant, Victoria found herself face down in a puddle of muddy water. Sharp pain sliced through her forehead; frustration and fatigue threatened to engulf her. She rolled over and made an attempt to get up, only to feel herself slip again. As she reached up to brush her heavy hair away from her eyes, her fingertips came in contact with a warm wetness.

I am bleeding.

Leave a comment before February 6, 2012, to be entered to win a free Kindle copy!

Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Schmeidler


5 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – A Child Will Lead Them

  1. Wow – very descriptive narrative. I love the power behind the words and how the brief excerpt draws the reader wanting to know more. I wish you much success Elizabeth. I will pass this along to friends… Patrick K Dawson, Novelist – Lessons in the Journey

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