Bring Lent to Life by Kathleen Basi

My latest review at Amazing Catechists is for a wonderful booklet called “Bring Lent to Life.” Kathleen Basi, author of this book, has a confession to make…she “loves Lent.” I also look forward to Lent, and to the opportunity to grow in faith.

I learned a lot from this wonderful little book. I learned that the word “Lent” comes from the Old English Lencten (it sounds like lengthen, a word for spring which meant the days were growing longer).

“This Lent,” she writes, “let’s journey together through some of the most important elements of our Christian faith. Let’s explore them like children, with our children.”

The weeks of Lent are separated as follows: Week 1, Fasting, Almsgiving and Prayer; Week 2, Baptism and RCIA; Week 3, Reconciliation and Repentance; Week 4, Renewal; Week 5, Passion and Week 6, Holy Week.

Basi tells us that “Each week general information helps parents ‘unpack’ the faith in preparation for sharing it with our children followed by specific reflection for both adults and kids.”

At the end of each week, a list of activities for parents and children follow, as well as reflections for both. Some of the activities include an Easter Tree, Sunday Love Letters, Sacrifice Beads, Pretzels (with history and a recipe), Stations of the Cross, Baptism party, discussion of types of prayer, water, white clothes.

What I didn’t expect from this Lenten book were the wonderful recipes for pretzels, fish soup, Pasta Primavera, Italian Red Sauce (which I made Monday evening for dinner and practically ate the entire pot of sauce myself…) and Sweet Potato Resurrection Rolls.

This is a delightful book with information for both parents and children to grow in faith during this Lenten season.

I highly recommend it to everyone!

Copyright 2012 Ellen Gable Hrkach


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