We Need to Get Smarter About Promoting NFP!

Excellent article by Kathleen Basi over at the CCL Blog. Here’s a short excerpt:

If there’s one thing the ongoing controversy over contraceptive coverage can teach us, it is this: we have to be smarter about the way we advocate for NFP over contraception. In recent weeks, we’ve heard the argument that because Catholics use birth control just as much as everyone else (although that is an exaggerated claim), this whole controversy is much ado about nothing.

In one sense, the critics have a point: how can we expect to be taken seriously if we can’t even convince our own members? We have to take the message to the secular world — and let’s face it, our fellow Catholics — and we have to do it on their terms, not ours.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that we can list side effects till we’re blue in the face, but every medication has side effects, and hardly anyone experiences them. If they do, they consider the benefit to outweigh the side effect. Trying to argue people out of contraception on that basis is doomed to fail.

To read the rest of this article, click here.


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