Pro Luce Habere (To Have Before the Light) Volume II by Krisi Keley

The second volume of Pro Luce Habere is an incredibly compelling read. Valery continues to be haunted by the darkness and death he has seen in the human world around him. Yet he is unable to escape the sense of wrong in what he’s become so he seeks a new world (in North America), free of the Old World’s pain. Valery continues in his struggle to understand the battle between light and darkness, both within his victims and within himself, as mystical dreams and repeating the mistakes of his maker lead him towards the truth eight hundred years of pain have tried to have him deny.

There is no denying that Krisi Keley is a gifted writer who can weave intricate story lines and create characters so real it’s hard to believe they’re fictional. I particularly love her character study of Valery. He is, after all, a vampire, but he is a vampire with a conscience and this shows in his interaction with other main characters.

I enjoyed advancing through time with Valery and his “child,” Michel. The setting, language and historical accuracy are done extremely well and I could easily picture Valery and the other characters in the different time periods (I found it amusing to picture the two of them in 60’s garb…). Valery is definitely a character with contrasts. He kills others to stay alive, then at one point (during one of the World Wars) he reflects on the destruction and sometimes pointlessness of war.

As I’ve said in my reviews of Keley’s other books, I don’t normally read “vampire” or paranormal novels, but Keley’s writing is so beautiful, I want to relish each word and sentence. I find myself easily empathizing with the main character, despite the fact that he is a vampire. He is and has continued to be an incredibly well-developed character. I especially appreciate the Catholic themes of free will, redemption and God’s unconditional love.

Valery’s loneliness and dependence on Michel for companionship leads to a chilling climax that had me turning pages quickly (or clicking the forward button on the Kindle).

I highly recommend this wonderful book (and the other two in the series) to anyone wanting to read a beautifully written story with a great cast of characters and Catholic themes.

Copyright 2012 Ellen Gable Hrkach


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