7 Quick Takes Friday – Wow Moments

Join me and other Catholic Bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

My post today is entitled “Wow Moments.”

1. Although it’s been five years since my mom’s passing, I recently discovered her special box: Click here to read the entire post about my mom’s special box.

2. This photo shows my oldest son holding his youngest brother a week or so after his birth. My youngest son is now the age of my oldest son in this photograph.

3. This was one of those “Wow moments” that caused me to age about ten years. My middle son (below, on bottom) had a job working at the local parachuting club and one of the perks was free skydiving. I prayed a lot and gained more than a few gray hairs in those 20 minutes or so. I later wrote an article about the experience and it was the featured article in Family Foundations magazine.

4. No matter how many times I see St. Joseph’s Oratory, I still say “Wow.” My second oldest son attends Concordia University near this beautiful church in Montreal. Set on a hilltop, it can be seen from virtually any part of the city.

5. It was sad when my stepdad passed away a few months ago. We will all miss his gentle and quiet humor. Just before the funeral, my siblings and I were surprised to find out that my sister’s entire novice class would be attending the funeral. (My sister is a novice with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville). Dressed in white and exuding an infectious enthusiasm for the faith, these beautiful young women made quite an impression. This is a photo from the funeral reception.

6. Now that some of my sons are living away from home, I always feel like it’s a “wow” moment when we’re all together (and that happened recently on my husband’s birthday).

7. Our wedding day, 30 years ago, was the happiest day of my life.

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Next week: More Wow Moments
Photos copyright 2012 Ellen Gable Hrkach and Josh Hrkach
Text copyright 2012 Ellen Gable Hrkach


9 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – Wow Moments

  1. I loved the pics Ellie, and some of them gave me some “wow” moments, like the one of Josh holding Paul it reminded me of Matthias and Micah-John holding Sapphira for the first time in the NICU at the General. Thanks, God Bless.

  2. Love the ‘wow’ of being all together…. as our oldest prepares to leave home for university next fall, I can already feel the ‘wow’ of having him home on his first return on a break…
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ellen,

    I really enjoy your themed quick takes! What a great selection of special moments.

    We have heard so much about the Dominican Sisters of Nashville. They seem such a joy-filled growing order of nuns. Our own Dominicans are beautiful too but few in number. They established a school several years ago but before that, they were in a position to extend their help and special touch to our homeschooling camps. My children have some wonderful memories of performing in musicals directed by these nuns.

    Thank you for sharing your special stories.

    God bless!

    • Thanks, Sue! The Nashville Dominicans are such a beautiful group of women! I’ve stayed at the Motherhouse in Nashville and every single sister seems to have a “glow” surrounding her. And…I have never slept so well as I have at the Motherhouse (I slept even better than I do at home!)

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