7 Quick Takes Friday – A Free Book, Book Reviews and Other Cool Books!

Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. FREEBIE ALERT! In Name Only, my second Gold-medal winning novel, is FREE today and tomorrow on Kindle. Please spread the news!

2. My latest review over at Amazing Catechists is for Sarah Reinhard’s wonderful new book, Catholic Family Fun. If you’re looking for fun ideas for your family, look no further. This is a great book!

3. This might be a good time to lament about the most recent bad reviews that Stealing Jenny has gotten. I’m thankful that it has had nearly 50,000 downloads on Kindle. However, some non-Christian and pro-feminist readers feel like they need to bash the book and mention every single thing they think is wrong with it (especially the religious aspects) and a few are downright mean-spirited. Admittedly, there are only three bad reviews on Amazon and about five on Goodreads and my husband said, “Ellie, you’ve only gotten that many bad reviews for 50,000 books downloaded, that’s pretty good!” My husband, the optimist. And he’s right. I’ve gotten many more good reviews. Anyway, when I began writing, I knew I would have to grow a thick skin, but I still find these sorts of reviews hard to take (sigh).

4. I recently posted a review for a great Catholic novel called Sons of Cain by Val Bianco. Powerful stuff! Read my review here.

5. Another book I recently read and would like to recommend is Leticia Velasquez’s beautiful book“A Special Mother is Born.” Included in this book are the inspiring and sometimes challenging stories of mothers with special needs children. My full review will be posted in a few weeks.

6. AmazingCatechists.com isn’t a book, but it certainly covers just about everything catechetical. Check out Lisa Mladnich’s article at Patheos, entitled “Faith, Sex and Suicide: There’s Nothing We Won’t Talk About” which promotes this wonderful website.

7. Did I mention that In Name Only is FREE on Kindle today and tomorrow?

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Copyright 2012 Ellen Gable Hrkach

11 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – A Free Book, Book Reviews and Other Cool Books!

  1. Your husband is right, Ellen. Eight bad reviews out of 50,000 downloads is pretty awesome to me. I wouldn’t pay those non-Christians or feminists any mind, anyway. “Stealing Jenny” was excellent.

    Who knows, maybe God was trying to reach their hearts through this book and it struck a nerve in their souls, causing them to resist and lash out on you! They could probably use some prayer. 🙂

  2. You’re right, Carol! I was just saying to a friend of mine (about one of the recent reviewers on Goodreads) that my book probably “struck a nerve in their souls” which caused them to lash out (I think I used those very words!) Great minds think alike. Thanks so much for the comment!

  3. Ellen,

    It takes courage to write. You could keep your God given talents to yourself and your writings would never be exposed to the possibility of bad reviews. However, you are wonderfully generous and courageous and willing to share with us. All the good you are doing far, far outweighs any tiny bit of criticism. I agree with Carol and Ann. If your book wasn’t striking a chord with someone it would be ignored, not criticised.

    Keep writing. I love all your books!

    God bless.

  4. Thanks so much, Sue! You’re right. For me, however, it’s not even the criticism. I’ve gotten critical reviews before that were not mean-spirited. I don’t mind constructive criticism. In line with JP II’s New Evangelization, I write my books to share my faith, but also to give the reader an entertaining, compelling story. When someone leaves an angry, seething review, I realize it has touched a nerve in them. Still hard to read, though…

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  6. I think, also, that a string of glowing reviews is less credible to the average reader than a mix of reviews thoughtfully done…otherwise it sounds like stacked deck, don’t you think? (I don’t know if your “haters” were thoughtful or not, but anyway…)

    • I definitely agree, Kate, but I’m talking about the bad reviews that merely bash the book because of its religiosity. However, there is one review on Amazon for Stealing Jenny that is one of my favorite reviews:she said what she liked about the book, what she didn’t like, balancing between good and bad (it’s only a three-star review, but it’s one of my favorites precisely because it’s thoughtfully done). And yes, I do agree that having all gushing reviews does sound like a stacked deck. I’ve bought books where there have been 10 or so five star reviews, only to get the book and realize those reviews must’ve been written by family and friends because the book was horribly written (and I feel like I’ve been baited and switched…)

  7. Some people are so scared to have God in their lives they have to attack anything that comes close to Him, especially when a story upholds the Ten Commandments. You gotta wonder what sins they’re committing that they don’t want to give up. People can be completely irrational when it comes to morals. To sin, in the end, is to behave irrationally.

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