7 Quick Takes Friday – Canadian March for Life

Please join me and other Catholic Bloggers for 7 Quick Takes Friday. Hallie Lord is guest hosting for Jen at Conversion Diary. Before I get to the Quick Takes, I wanted to let readers know that my novel, Stealing Jenny, is FREE today on Amazon Kindle. Because of the March for Life yesterday, I decided to offer it for free yesterday and today.

The 2012 March for Life on Parliament Hill in Ottawa was the best attended yet; this, despite the cold weather and constant threat of rain (it only sprinkled a few times). Check out this link at LifeSite News for more information.

1. The March for Life is spiritually enriching. The day started with a beautiful Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa near Parliament Hill. Our bus was a bit late in arriving and it was standing room only, but several kind young adults gave up their seats so that we could sit for the second half of the Mass.

2. The March for Life builds character and virtue. There were many children at the March. Older siblings and other young adults had numerous opportunities to assist their mothers. There was a small group of pro-choicers shouting nasty comments to the pro-lifers. It was a great opportunity to respond charitably and to show good example to our children.

3. The March for Life appeals to young people. I love seeing many young adults so enthusiastic for the pro-life cause!

4. The March for Life is a great place to see and visit with like-minded friends! My sons and I enjoyed the fellowship of the others on the bus to the March (which was sponsored by the Knights of Columbus). At Mass, at Parliament Hill, then on the March for Life, I was constantly “bumping into” fellow NFP teachers, marriage prep host couples and many others in the pro-life movement. Every ten minutes or so, I was hugging someone I hadn’t seen in a while. I also loved seeing so many priests and religious sisters.

5. The March for Life is emotionally edifying. There is nothing quite like the experience of standing with nearly 20,000 people (or as my mom used to call it, a “sea of humanity,”)…knowing that these people believe that human life begins at conception and abortion is morally wrong gives me hope that eventually abortion will be illegal.

6. The March for Life is a “Family Affair.” I love seeing entire families marching for life. Of course, we have to be prepared to shelter our young children’s eyes from those pro-choicers who disrobe (yes, this has happened in the past), but each family’s presence is an important part of the success of the March.

7. The March for Life is always successful! Whenenever thousands of people (in this case, nearly 20,000) show up to demonstrate against abortion, it is successful. When that many people attend, you can be sure there are many more who wanted to be there, but for some reason, couldn’t attend.

For more Quick Takes, visit Hallie’s Lord’s blog.

Text and photos copyright 2012 Ellen Gable Hrkach

5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – Canadian March for Life

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  2. The Pro-Life movement may very well save North America from the fate awaiting Japan by 2050. Abortion has been legal there since 1949 and their birth rate is, I think, now less than 1.1 child per family.

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