7 Quick Takes Friday – Portraits

Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

My Quick Takes Post today is an all photo quick takes:

Below are some of my favorite James Hrkach portraits (not in any particular order).

1. Ellie Feet Up (charcoal and Gesso on paper, 1987) I was pregnant at the time this painting was done, and not feeling like doing too much.

2. Ellie and Josh (oil on canvas, 1988) Sorry for the off kilter lighting of this one…this is me with our oldest son, Josh, then a year old.

3. Josh with Boots (oil on canvas, 1997) Again, our oldest son about ten years after the previous painting.

4. Marg (oil on canvas, 1987) James’ former art teacher.

5. Self-Portrait in Caramel (oil on canvas, 2011)

6. Self-Portrait and Light (oil on canvas, 2011)

7. Four Nine and a Half (oil on canvas, 1985). My husband sold this painting back in 1986 and I don’t have any photos with just the painting in it, (this is my husband and me along with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law back in 1986 attending the art show that exhibited this painting). This is my favorite of James’ paintings of me and it’s now hanging in someone’s big house somewhere near Port Dover, Ontario (sigh).

Most of these paintings were recently exhibited at the Cornwall Regional Art Gallery in Cornwall, Ontario.

Images Copyright 1985-2012 James Hrkach

15 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – Portraits

  1. Ellen,

    I enjoyed looking at James’ portraits. They must tell so many of your family stories. It must be so hard for an artist to sell his work. Yes, it must be exciting that someone else sees value in your work, and it must be so good to earn a living from doing something you are so passionate about… but how difficult to give up something that must be part of you. Writers have an advantage over artists. They can sell their work and still keep it for themselves. I know that some artists make print copies of their works – limited editions. Has James ever done this? Maybe if texture is a great factor of his art, this wouldn’t work.

    Thank you for sharing! I love looking at artworks.

    God bless!

  2. Thanks so much, Sue! It is difficult to give up certain paintings. James just sold the “Self Portrait in Caramel.” Both of us were hesitant to sell it because it was one of his best self portraits! But it’s also important to get his artwork out there and well known…which means selling. He has made print copies of some of his work too…

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