7 Quick Takes Friday – What’s in Your Purse?

Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

After having my kids tell me that “you have EVERYTHING in your purse,” I decided to do a Quick Takes on items found in my purse. I won’t include mundane things like wallet, keys, business cards and cell phone. The following items aren’t unique to me, but they may seem unusual to others.   Share one item in your purse (below) for a chance to win a print copy of my third novel, Stealing Jenny.

1. Catholic Emergency Card

2. Rosary

3. Kindle
I never know when I’m going to have a few free minutes so I always carry my Kindle with me. In a pinch, I also have 3G on my Kindle so I can check email.

4. Stealing Jenny
I often carry a copy of my latest novel in my purse (yes, my purse is a fair size).

5. Guitar pics
I don’t play guitar but the other six members of my family do. If I had a dollar for every time one of the kids or James says “I need a guitar pic,” I’d be rich. And I’m usually able to say, “I do.” Always good to be prepared.

6. Nuts, crackers or granola bar
I usually have some sort of snack food in case I’m delayed somewhere and one of the kids or myself is hungry. It’s always good to have a snack.

7. Plastic spoons and forks
One would be surprised to know how often we need a spare spoon or fork, although admittedly, I’ve lent these out more than I’ve used them.

What are some unusual items in your purse?  Comment (before Friday, August 24th) below to be entered to win a print copy of my Amazon Kindle Bestseller, Stealing Jenny.

copyright 2012 Ellen Gable Hrkach


16 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – What’s in Your Purse?

  1. I have wipes, a diaper for our little guy, a spare pair of underpants for our bigger guy, and a notepad and crayons for those moments when we’re waiting at the doctor’s office or restaurant and need a little entertainment. And I usually have a matchbox car or two for the same reason, but I must have handed my last one out recently. I’ll need to restock!

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  3. I don’t carry a purse. Haven’t since I started college. I carry a wallet and my keys, and stick my cell phone in my pocket (when I remember it, which is hit and miss! I *H*A*T*E* cell phones.). But I need one of those cards for my wallet.

  4. I have a backpack rather than a purse so I can carry my youngest and wrangle the others if need be…. I have a rosary, first aid kit, Mother’s Manual by a Jesuit priest (it’s small – not the reprint done later), notepad and pen, and a billion other odds and ends. My husband is always incredulous that my little Eddie Bauer backpack is so heavy!

  5. I have a few of the items you mentioned in my purse: rosary and Kindle, I also keep several small decaf teabags with with at all times. I don’t drink coffee, so if I’m somewhere that doesn’t offer tea (or specifically decaf tea) then I’m all set – as long as I can get hot water, that is. 🙂

    I am going to get one of those Catholic emergency card, soon!

  6. I carry a small backpack when I’m out with my husband who’s had three strokes. I have a change of clothes for him, a Nook, a camera, a zip drive with his medical records and medical power of attorney (always be prepared!), several protein snacks, sugar free drink packets, two small bottles of water, two knotted cord rosaries, a small prayer book, my wallet and a cell phone. Last week the cat crawled in. LOL! He doesn’t travel well. So, his royal purriness stayed home.

  7. My purse is also my diaper bag so it includes what you might expect – diapers, wipes etc along with my wallet, and because this week has all the back to school sales I have my copy of the Walmart flyer 🙂

  8. I don’t keep much in my purse because it seems like every little thing I add makes it so much heavier! My top 7 unique items would be:
    1. Bandaids/neosporin (I’m papercut prone)
    2. My Catholic must haves – St. Bernadette and Miraculous medal, Padre Pio relic and vietnamese finger rosary.
    3. Mini knife
    4. Wallet size University of Dallas diploma
    5. Floss/IB profin
    6. Shea butter
    7. Smoothie and Boba Tea frequency cards

  9. Epi-pen, note pad, glasses cleaner, pen knife, church keys, USB thumb drive, small tape measure, note pad and pen. Nothing really weird. When I was a student I kept office supplies in my purse–small stapler & hole punch & ruler & tape… I’m Protestant so I don’t have “RC things” in there, but I do have a Bible app and catechism stuff on my iPhone!

  10. Those mundane items – wallet, keys, phone – are my life – lol. If I lost my keys, which I seem to do a lot, I would be a tad annoyed, as I am at the moment ;0) and if I lost my wallet, which I have, I’d be a tad upset – more of a nuisance than anything. But when I lose my phone, I’m fraking out! That pretty much has my life in it, as I use it for everything. It’s my phone, email, Internet access ( yes, I’m using it now :0), Social Media to keep in touch more with my long-distance friends, games to whittle away some time, gps that I’ve grown oh so dependent on, camera to capture the moments of life with friends – and to carry pix of my puggies :0) – just to name a few :0) So, I decidef to see what else I carry…. a phone charger ;0), glasses as I seem to need them to see anything these days :0/, coupons that I seem to forget about until they expire, a few other miscellaneous necessities, and a pocket token “Friends are the flowers in life’s garden” – glad you’re one of the flowers in my garden El :0)

  11. No worries. I realize I’m too late to win a copy of a bestseller. Good for you, Ellen, for having a “Bestseller”! Bravo.
    I love the guitar pics.
    I just wanted you to know that I carry a crude metal nail in my pocket book. Our church was giving these crude metal “nails” out one Ash Wednesday and I’ve kept it ever since. I love reaching into my bag and finding it there. It reminds me who I’m most thankful for.
    ~Victoria Marie Lees

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