7 Quick Takes Friday – October 19

Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. Little Shoes
Recently, while shopping at a local department store, I noticed a sale: girls’ Ugg knockoff books were only $10. I looked through the bunch and found a pair in my size: 2. They fit perfectly and, in fact, are so comfortable, I feel like I’m wearing slippers. Usually it’s challenging for me to find any sort of shoes without “Dora the Explorer” or “Disney Princesses” on them. Not that I have anything against those characters, but I don’t think a woman over 50 ought to be wearing shoes with colorful images of Dora or Cinderella. As for the boots, this was one of those times I was happy I have small feet.

2. SCSS Conference
Next Thursday, my husband and I will be traveling to a suburb of New York City to attend the 20th Annual Conference of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists. There will be sessions for writing and the arts. I’ll be presenting a talk on “Successful Kindle Marketing for the 21st Century Author.”

3. Autumn in the Ottawa Valley
A beautiful autumn scene. Photography copyright Josh Hrkach.

Image copyright Josh Hrkach

4. Stealing Jenny Only .99!
For a limited time only, my third novel, Stealing Jenny, is only .99 on Kindle.

5. Vote!
I watched the most recent presidential debate with interest. Yes, I live in Canada, but I’m still a U.S. citizen and I have continued to vote (I just sent in my “overseas” ballot). The number of times Obama mentioned Planned Parenthood was absurd. After his poor performance in the last debate, he certainly came out swinging in this one (to his detriment, I think). The way the moderator interjected made her less of a moderator and more of a Obama supporter.

This election is probably one of the most important in recent history, for a variety of reasons. So if you can, please vote. Make your voice be heard.

6. Books on My Review Shelf
Look for my reviews in the next few months of the following books on my review shelf:
I Believe: The Creed and You by James Forsyth
At the Heart of the Gospel by Christopher West

I’ll be interviewing Christopher West about his latest book for CatholicMom.com.

7. Classic Cartoon (Tie the Knot)

Image copyright James & Ellen Hrkach/Full Quiver Publishing

I’ll be taking a break from 7 Quick Takes next Friday as I’ll be traveling.

Copyright 2012 Ellen Gable Hrkach

7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – October 19

  1. Dear Ellen:
    Enjoyed your quick takes this morning. Yes, the moderator of that debate is a part of the CNN gang and certainly appears to be an Obama supporter. I too noticed the Planned Parenthood references and hope that it will remind Christians all over the USA that they have only one choice for President: Mitt Romney. He may have some flaws but nobody is perfect. With the economy is such trouble, Mitt Romney has the background needed to make important changes.
    From the day of the inaugeration of President Obama, when the Our Father was being said, and the camera showed a close up of the new President, I noticed that he was not mouthing the words of the prayer. At that moment, I concluded that In God We Trust would not likely be his personal mantra for his presidency.
    My friends in the US are praying and fasting that a miracle will occur and Mitt Romney will win the election. May God bless America, especially on November 6th.

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  3. Ellen, that photo is just gorgeous. And, ha, ha, I can’t imagine having feet as small as yours. Mine have grown to me needing a size 11 AAAAA. So I’ve reduced myself to Birkenstocks since I’m an old lady. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! Seriously, congrats on finding something that works for you.

    • Thanks, Barb! My son is a wonderfully creative photographer (he gets his art talent from his father!) And I also love Birkenstocks! The problem is I have to get the kids’ sizes (and there are only two or three styles…)

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