Building A Culture of Life

My latest post at Catholic Mom is entitled “Building A Culture of Life.”

In John Paul II’s encyclical, Familiaris Consortio, (On the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World), he states (p. 45) “The Church is called upon to manifest anew to everyone, with clear and stronger conviction, her will to promote human life by every means and to defend it against all attacks, in whatever condition or state of development it is found.

Our society has become a culture of death. Here in Canada, since there is no law against abortion, killing an unborn child is legal right up to the moment of delivery. Some contraceptives are actually abortifacient (cause early abortions), rather than preventing conception. In certain parts of the world, pre-born baby girls are being killed by the thousands simply because they are female.

We need to fight against the culture of death by building a culture of life. Here are a few ways to do so:

Prayer and Fasting
Never underestimate the power of prayer and fasting. Daily Mass, the daily rosary, a weekly fast (especially on Fridays) and other forms of prayer have more effect than we can possibly realize. Spiritually adopting a baby in danger of abortion ( is a beautiful way we can build the culture of life. I also try to recite the Litany of the Saints daily. We can never know the effect that our prayers have had (until we die), but be assured this is one of the most important ways to build a culture of life.

Chastity, NFP and Openness to Life
All Christians (not just Catholics) are called to practice chastity and be open to life. Being chaste before marriage and practicing marital chastity (faithfulness) is essential for building a culture of life. Contraception is “intrinsically evil,” (CCC 2370) it harms marriages and separates couples physically and spiritually. Natural Family Planning ( is a safe, moral and effective way to avoid and plan pregnancies.

Vote Pro-Life
Make sure that your voice heard. Register to vote and vote often and whenever the opportunity arises. This can be no more evident than in our upcoming presidential election. Although I have been living in Canada for 30 years, I am still a US citizen and I have continued to vote in US Federal Elections.

Corporal/Spiritual Works of Mercy
Performing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy will also help to build a culture of life because these works will help build spiritual character. When we are closer to Christ, we are closer to a culture of life.

The corporal works of mercy, based on Matthew 25:31-36, are: 1. feed the hungry 2. give drink to the thirsty 3. clothe the naked 4. shelter the homeless 5. visit the imprisoned 6. care for the sick 7. bury the dead.

The spiritual works of mercy, commanded or encouraged in many places Scripture, are: 1. admonish the sinner 2. instruct the ignorant 3. counsel the doubtful 4. comfort the afflicted 5. bear wrongs patiently 6. forgive all injuries 7. pray for the living and dead.

Peaceful Pro-Life Events
Attend peaceful pro-life events like the National March for Life (in the USA it is held every January; in Canada, it is held every May), the Hike for Life and other Pro-Life rallies.

Patience and Charity
It’s important to be patient and charitable when speaking to, interacting with or debating with those who are pro-abortion. Many of these fiercely pro-choice women have had abortions. Try not to be judgmental. In some cases, these women were coerced by their partners or parents (those who should’ve been protecting them) into having an abortion.

Be a Good Example
Being a good example of Christian virtue is another great way to build a culture of life. Volunteer at a pro-life women’s shelter, embrace faithful Catholicism and donate money to causes that build the culture a life.

If each of us does our own part, we can help to rebuild a culture of life, one that is an antidote for our current culture of death.

Copyright 2012 Ellen Gable Hrkach


6 thoughts on “Building A Culture of Life

  1. when I felt embarrassed to be pregnant yet again, I heard God’s answer deep within.
    This is your call
    This is your vocation
    This is your witness to the world
    Children are precious, delightful and God’s love flows both ways; children heal and nourish US

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  3. I think we have to dig down below the surface…abortion is the crowning jewel of a whole attitude that we have to change. The entire first world culture is based on things as necessities, with children being a luxury, instead of the other way around, and until we target that, we’re slapping bandaids on an arterial bleed.

  4. I stumbled into this blog by ‘accident’ (there’s no such thing as luck). I’m a New Zealand lay Carmelite, a writer, columnist for our national Catholic newspaper ‘NZ Catholic’ whose first novel has been rejected by every NZ publisher and not a few overseas. They all praise the writing but a typical comment was to the effect that not enough readers would relate to the chief character’s ‘distorted world view’,
    Her ‘world view’ is distorted by her experience of two abortions, one illegally as a teenager in NZ and the other late-term, in her thirties, in the US.
    In Enzed, one in five women have suffered at least one abortion and the media and publishing industry here is dominated by women of the lib-left. You get the picture?
    So I’m gearing up to go ‘indie’ and publish it online with Amazon. Watch out for ‘The Age for Love’ by Julia du Fresne. It’s real.

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