7 Quick Takes Friday – Cool Catholic Writers

Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

A few weeks ago, I attended the SCSS Conference on Long Island. It was a wonderful few days meeting and enjoying fellowship with other Catholic writers (just before Superstorm Sandy hit the area). Today, I’m going to share photos with eight “cool” Catholics (there were too many to limit it to seven!):

1. Lisa Mladinich, author and founder of Amazing Catechists

photo copyright James Hrkach

2. Marc Barnes (Bad Catholic), blogger

Photo copyright James Hrkach

3. Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, bestselling author and EWTN Host

photo copyright James Hrkach

4. Pat Gohn, author, speaker and podcaster

photo copyright James Hrkach

5. Leticia Velasquez, activist, writer and author of “A Special Mother is Born”

photo copyright James Hrkach

6. Mary Ellen Barrett, blogger, columnist

photo copyright James Hrkach

7. Alice Gunther, author, columnist

photo copyright James Hrkach

8. Claudia Volkman, writer, editor

photo copyright James Hrkach


8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – Cool Catholic Writers

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  2. Ellen,

    I can understand Maria’s comment. We don’t have many visible Catholic writers here in Australia either. But the Internet lets us join in with all the wonderful things going on in the Catholic writing world that you belong to. Through your blog I have discovered so many great Catholic fiction writers. I am introducing them to my fellow Aussies! And of course, I am so pleased to have your friendship… plus your help with my book. btw, I may have found an illustrator! Just waiting to see some sample pictures. I tried to join the Catholic Writers Guild the other day but there was a glitch and I gave up. I shall return another day!

    These are beautiful photos. It looks like you had such a good time at the conference.

    God bless.

  3. Thanks so much, Melanie, Maria and Sue! I appreciate your comments. Yes, the internet helps to make the world so much smaller and easier to connect with other writers. Sue, I’m happy to hear you found an illustrator! If you want to join the CWG, email me privately and I’ll forward your email to the person in charge of membership…

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  5. Ellen, thank you for sharing your experience there and the photos! It looks like a great conference. I had to giggle a little bit, because you are so petite and “wee” compared to all the other bloggers! Small, but mighty. God bless and do update us about the conference when you get a chance.

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