7 Quick Takes Friday – Volume 56

7_quick_takes_sm1Join me and other Catholic bloggers at Jen’s Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. March for Life and Other Prayer Intentions
Prayers to all those participating in the March for Life today! Keep warm! (I’m glad the Canadian March for Life is in May!)
Check out this wonderful pro-life article by Jen Fulwiler.
Also, continued prayers for Jen and Fulton.

2. No Wheat!
I’ve been on a “no wheat” diet and, so far, I haven’t missed it. I love pasta, but when I make pasta for the family, I make rice for myself. My favorite “wheat” product is soft pretzels and, thankfully, I live in Canada where soft pretzels are few and far between! (I will have to exercise extreme self-control when I visit my family in New Jersey, though!)

3. Brrrr!!!
It has been bitterly cold this week here in the Ottawa Valley. For the past three days, the low has been minus 38 Celsius and there’s been a frostbite warning. I’m thankful that we have a wood stove although we’re burning about four logs an hour!Thermometer in winter

4. The Abolitionists
Over the past three weeks, I’ve been watching a PBS Series called “The Abolitionists.” Riveting docu-drama about the long fight to end slavery.

5. Backup Cartoon!
Backup final

6. Reading Shelf
The Good Sinner – Elizabeth Schmeidler
Book of Jotham – Arthur Powers
Finding Grace – Laura Pearl

7. A Subtle Grace Book Cover
In case you missed the blog and Facebook posts about my upcoming novel’s cover, here it is! A Subtle Grace is the sequel to In Name Only, although the books have been written to be read independent of the other. (For a richer reading experience, it’s better to read both…) Tentative Release Date is Fall, 2013. To see both covers check out yesterday’s blog post.
ASG sm

copyright 2013 Ellen Gable Hrkach
Thermometer photo from iStock


9 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – Volume 56

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  2. No wheat! Good for you. I’m trying hard to cut way, way back on wheat, corn and soy, peanuts, milk and cheese, sugar, MSG, and other artificial ingredients like aspartame. That along with no meat on Friday and I don’t always know what I’m supposed to eat.

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  4. I’ve been gluten free for a couple of years and it has made a big difference in controlling my fibro pain. Generally I just feel better. I have a rice maker and steam brown sticky rice to use with my Korean recipes.

  5. I just recieved and read “In name only” and enjoyed it very much. I read \on a Kindle Touch so I can use larger print because of eye sight loss in one eye. Keep up the good work.

    Kathryn Kent by Tommy Kent

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