Growing Up in God’s Image Free Today Through Thursday

Cover for FBGrowing Up in God’s Image by Carolyn Smith is FREE today through Thursday on Kindle.

GROWING UP IN GOD’S IMAGE (A New Approach to the Facts of Life Talk) makes it easy for families to approach the topic of sexuality — mom to daughter, father to son, parent to child — especially for that first big talk on the facts of life. This book is about the beauty of growing up as a young woman or a young man. For teens, it provides positive answers through an understanding of sexuality as God intended from the moment He created it and when He later gave it to us as a sacrament through Jesus. For young and old couples alike, it gives a new appreciation of their own sacramental marriages. It is about family and the restoration of family life and love. It is about God’s plan for us. GROWING UP IN GOD’S IMAGE provides parents with gender specific sections, “How to Talk with Your Daughter” and “How to Talk with Your Son.” Both Carolyn and Jim (Carolyn’s husband who contributed the section for boys) provide actual words parents can use in this very important conversation. GROWING UP IN GOD’S IMAGE is an invaluable resource for parents wanting to give their children more than just a biology lesson.


“This book guides parents to gradually expand a child’s understanding of life beginning with how the love of family reflects the love of God. Teaching the facts of life fully demands including the spiritual. Caroline does a beautiful job explaining the physical changes that occur during puberty while including the responsibility to be true to God’s plan and purpose for our bodies. The life lessons are presented in clear language and will enrich not just the children, but the parents also reading this book as an aid.” Patti Maguire Armstrong, author

“Courageous, timely and beautifully sensitive. In a time when our children are bombarded by all the wrong messages about their bodies, here is a wonderful guide for parents to talk to their children about Godliness, their bodies and sex.” – Donna Piscitelli, children’s author.

“A useful guidebook for parents and a resource that’s sure to strengthen your family. Discard the dread of “the talk” and embrace the beauty of a faith-based approach. My copy’s sure to be dog-eared and passed along!” – Sarah Reinhard, author of Catholic Family Fun and

“Smith has created a terrific resource….as I read this book, my overriding thought was how well it illustrates the deep roots and far-flung implications of Church teaching on marital sexuality.”
Kathleen Basi, author

“I thank Carolyn J. Smith for thoughtfully and prayerfully compiling a resource that will help parents in explaining the facts of life to their children by placing it within the context of our Faith and the Theology of the Body. Growing Up in God’s Image is a wonderful tool for any parent and I look forward to recommending it to the readers who visit our site.” Lisa M. Hendey, Founder and Editor of and author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms

“Growing Up in God’s Image should be in the parenting toolbox of every Catholic parent of tweens and teens to help guide those important and nerve- wracking conversations on human sexuality.” Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, writer

To read an excerpt, click here.

To download the Kindle book for FREE, click here.

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