7 Quick Takes Friday – Volume 75

7_quick_takes_sm1 Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. Thousand Islands
One of the landmarks I love while traveling across the border of Canada to New York State are the beautiful 1000 Islands and two bridges. Here is one of the bridges taken from the Thousand Islands Tower.

copyright Ellen Hrkach

copyright Ellen Hrkach

2. Woodpecker
We have a lovely woodpecker who has been waking us up every morning around five a.m. He sounds like he pecking on the wood of the house, but it’s likely he’s in a tree nearby (it just sounds like he’s closer). I’ll try and get a photograph of him, but every time we go outside, he vanishes.

3. Prominent Catholic Writers To Speak at NJ Conference
Read all about the Catholic Writers Conference here. I’ll be doing several presentations, as well as coordinating the CWG Booth. If you’re in the area and you’re a writer or an artist, please consider attending!

4. In Name Only’s Facebook Page
If you’re a fan of my second book, In Name Only, and you’re on Facebook, consider “liking” the Facebook page. Here is the link: In Name Only Facebook Page I will be posting an excerpt of the sequel to In Name Only when it reaches 200 “likes.” (It’s presently around 140…)

5. St. Maria Goretti Church Crucifix
On my Sacramental Pilgrimage, I visited the Church where James and I were married 31 years ago. This crucifix from St. Maria Goretti Church has always inspired me. Its sheer size (about twice the actual size of a human) makes its incredibly moving.

Photo copyright James Hrkach

Photo copyright James Hrkach

6. Reading Shelf
I’m reading for pleasure this week, rereading the John Corey books by Nelson DeMille because the stories are compelling and John Corey is hilarious.

7. “Patience” Classic Cartoon

Image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach

Image copyright James and Ellen Hrkach

Copyright Ellen Gable Hrkach


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