Huge Summer Giveaway!

iStock_000016505362XSmallI’m cleaning out my storage area/bookcase and decided to give away ten books I’ve reviewed in the past four years. Some are Catholic fiction; a few non-fiction. Around $125 worth of books here. If you would like to be entered to win, leave a comment below (before Saturday, August 3rd at midnight).

Here are the books I’m giving away. Click on the link to read more about them at Amazon.

The Admiral’s Daughter
I Believe: The Creed and You
Seamus O’Flynn
Faith Beyond the Trials
Gripped by Fear
A Garden of Visible Prayer
Sex and the Sacred City

Remember…you must leave a comment before Saturday, August 3rd at midnight to be entered!

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23 thoughts on “Huge Summer Giveaway!

  1. I would love to be chosen. I have been up-cycling my book collection and desperately need some new material. On a buying freeze as I am trying to get a new job to pay for my son’s high school. Too bad selling bodily organs is frowned upon 🙂 I’m “vertically challenged” too. At least we all have that in common!

  2. Just checked out the info on each book. A few have really caught my eye. Especially Bleeder and Sex and The Sacred City.

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  4. In A Garden of Visible Prayer, Seamus O’Flynn and The Admiral’s Daughter gave prayer Offerings for the Fatherless. It was a test of their Faith Beyond the Trials and at times they were Gripped by Fear. One day they met a Bleeder who talked about Sex and the Sacred City and they found answers for him by professing the words I Believe: The Creed and You.
     Obviously, I have too much time on my hands and I am in need of new spiritual books to read.

  5. Okay, I can’t believe I have not read any of these titles! And I’m also vertically challenged – is that a requirement for this giveaway? LOL

  6. Add me to the list of “extremely hopeful as I have not read a single title listed here and more than a few sound terribly intriguing”

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